My fantastic family members

I am a child who has a lot of experiences and fun. I have a big family.  My mother is a great nurse. For my father a great worker with web designing. My big  family is my mom, dad, step dad, three step , four  brothers, grandmother,  grandfather, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  My family has always been a part of me. Together we are a family.


What I want to be when I grow up

There’s  so many things I want to be when I grow up. First, a fashion designer. My grandmother worked as one in down town. She was the boss. I visited her with my mother. I loved all the clothes they made. Those clothes really impressed me, that’s why I want to be a fashion designer. I would like to do it for fun and not as a job.

Second, a hair stylist. I’m very good at braiding and doing hair. I especially love to do hair styles on dolls hair. My mother is also very good at braiding. She always braids my hair in the summer. Now I’ve been getting my hair braided year out; with having some weeks with natural hair. I mainly do them on dolls. This is more of a job I’d like to do for my teenage years.

I very much want to be an author. Whether children’s books or chapter, I enjoy both. My books will encourage kids and students. This would be a part time job just for myself. I’ve started to make books myself. Most are free writing, but I’m starting to publish my new ones.

I would also like to be an occupational therapist. I have taken tests and looked at skills and quality you need to have. I have these skills.

But most of all I want to be a teacher. My teachers encouraged me. And  in first grade I would always play school. My teacher, Mrs. Kohler, knew I wanted to become  teacher. I think this dream would really come true! If you have a dream or passion, stick to it and become it.

I hope I learn how to do these amazing skills in life. This is my dream and I will stick to it and I will become it.


How I became an author

I became a author at age 5. My first book was about myself. I gave my books to my family, some friends, and my teacher, Mrs .Lumbardo. My other books I didn’t publish. My second book was Best friends. It is on this website under My Books And Creations. If you get a chance to read it, enjoy! Right now I’m working on a book called Lilla’s Fantastic Time.  I’m getting it published very soon.  Another book I’m publishing is a book called ‘God Gave You A Gift.’ I hope this book will inspire you to do amazing things in life. You can do it if you try!



Evita Peron

In 2017 summertime, I was in a Pennsylvania broad way  at  DeSales University. As you may see, I love acting. I learned so much. Such as, patience, to work with what you have, friendship, when you watch the more you learn, the more research the more you learn how to act out your character. Up top is the picture of me that my friend, Phil, photographed for Evita. Big thank yous to him. I also want to thank everyone who was in the Evita cast.


Thoughts of a young girl