About my wonderful teacher

Hi I am a young girl. I went to two different school. My favorite teacher so far was Mrs. Rabi, she has always helped and encouraged me. She was my 3rd grade teacher. She very sweet. But my favorite part about her is the smile. Whenever you see it, you know your going to have a great day. Anyway, are class needed a lot to work on. It was behavior. The teacher said that I out of the girls was very respectful. I felt very proud of myself. She was from my second school. My 2nd favorite was Mrs. Kholher. Not the Kholher that you see on toilets, but the Kholher who helped me and guided me. She was my first grade teacher. She smiled, helped us, and guided us to the write path.  I remember that when I was in kindergarten, I went in her class to watch a play of “who belled the cat”. When I watched it was awesome. So  I wanted her as my 1st grade teacher. When I got her I was so excited. I even got to do the play in front  of the kindergartens myself. We always did plays in her classroom. She was in my first school. My 3rd favorite was Ms. Saxton, she was very sweet, she believed in us, she was the teacher who knows were all family. She  cared about each of her students. She made magic in the classroom. She was also in my second school. I truly loved all these teachers. I will always keep them in my hearts.

My fantastic family members

I am a child who has a lot of experiences and great fun. I have a huge family.  My mother and father broke apart when I was two years old. But I still love them even though. My mother is a great nurse. She’s hoping to  be a doctor. And for my father a great worker with  Indesign, Photoshop,  ect. The lord was with both of them.  My big family was my mom, dad, step dad, 3 step sisters, 1 step brother,  3 half brothers, nona (grandma), bipa( grandpa), great grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. Because of my family I have learned so much. Each and everyone have taught me something new. My 1 month younger step sister always played with me. She was super funny. My older step sister really took lot’s of effort and care into her work. My younger step sister could be funny. Together we all  worked as a team. My cousin Janet believed I could accomplish amazing things. She made me do mytestbook and knan acedmy. I will encourage you to do the same If you want to accomplish some amazing things! My grandfather is great with construction and loves to read! My grandmother loved fashion she had her own fashion comany! Last but not least my step dad, he was very funny.


What I want to be when I grow up

There’s  so many things I want to be when I grow up. First, a fashion designer. My nona worked as one in down town. She was the boss. I visited her with my mother. I loved all the clothes they made. Those clothes really impressed me, that’s why I want to be a fashion designer.

Second, hair stylist. I’m very good at braiding and doing hair. My loves the hair styles I do to my dolls hair. My mother is also very good at braiding. She always braids my hair in the summer. It looks awesome. That is why I want to be a hair stylist.

Last, a chef. Though I still need to learn more about cooking. I at least hope that I’m very good at cooking. My mother and father make awesome food. Maybe I can ask them for tips. Also, my aunt Dina is very good, including my aunt Brittany. Brittany works at a big place and is the chef. This is why I want to be a chef.

But most of all I want to be a teacher. My teachers encouraged me. And  in first grade I would always play school. My teacher knew I wan’t to be  teacher. I think this dream would really come true!

I hope at least three of my dreams come true.


How I became an author

I became a author at age 5. My first book was about myself. I gave my books to my family, some friends, and my teacher. My other books I didn’t publish. My second book was Best friends. It is on this website under My Book. If you get a chance to read it, enjoy! Right now I’m working on a book called Lilla’s Fantastic Time.  I’m getting it published very soon. Maybe in fall or summer 2017. I didn’t yet tell you that my aunt Janet wanted me to make books. I started to work, and I see how now that it’s frustrating, but at the same time it can be fun.

My great friends

Some very great friends that I have or had would be Erin, Emma, and Danielle. All of them have been so sweet. That’s why I invited them to my birthday party’s. They were fun to play with. Once in a while we would fight, but we mostly get along. I hope you guys get to read this. Because this paragraph is dedicated to my family.


Evita Peron

In 2017 summertime, I was in a Pennsylvania broad way  at  DeSales University. I learned so much. Such as, patience, to work with what you have, friendship, when you watch the more you learn, the more research the more you learn how to act out your character. Up top is the picture of me that my friend Phil photographed for Evita. Big thank yous to him. I also want to give a shoutout Dan, Christian, Adam, Dee, Sarah , Charralate  , Tommy, Hannah, Lara, and much more, you all know who you are.



Thoughts of a young girl