Spagetti and Sauce

To make the spagetti just get the regualar packages at the store. Boil this for 20 minutes. As for the sauce, you can either get regular sauce you use from the store and give put some of my other ingredients in, or just make it from scratch. To make it from scratch you’ll need 1 to 2 tomatoes and you’ll need to blend them. Before this, make sure to cut them. The ingredients added to the sauce are cheese, pepppers, and onions. Get 2 to 6 piece of cheese and make sure to cut it up. As for the peppers it doesn’t need to be as many, but just cut a tiny bit up and you’re good to go. I hate spicy food, but doing this was a great ingredient to balance the sauce well. Then you must cut up the onion. When you stir enough make sure to try it and make sure it’s accurate. One of my younger friends couldn’t stop eating this and had to keep getting more. She hated the other sauce and loved this one.


Thoughts of a young girl