The battle of St.Michael

The author is Emily Arnold McCully.
The story is about a boy and a girl. They were in the city hearing a message that someone said. The message was alarming news. Caroline one of the characters ran to tell her mother. Then there was a war coming. Caroline and Robert another charter helped. Captain Dodson gave Caroline the flag. After Captain Dodson gave Caroline the flag Caroline heard a boom so she ran home with the flag. Caroline had saved the flag. Then Captain Dodson came and said” We won the lanterns kept us safe.” The main charters are Caroline,Robert, Caroline’s mom and Captain Dodson. The lessons are don’t be afraid,
and Believe in you’re self. It is Nonfiction story about real facts. What I like about is that Caroline believes in herself and that she saved the flag. What I would change is
Roberts name to Jack and Captain Dodsons name to Captain John. I would change there name because it doesn’t sound right.

And that’s my book report.

Thoughts of a young girl