The Pony Cart Adventure

The Pony Cart Adventure    by Elva Hurst

The first day of summer vacation. I woke with my fathers voice saying ” Elva, ziet fer milcha. It was five o’ clock am and time time to milk the cows again. It was hard to get up so early. When I was at  the cow stable I was glad to be there. The birds were singing at the crowing roosters. In the barn the cows munched up the grain and hay while we milked them. My job was  to prepare every cow for the milker by washing of there unders. I had a couple minutes before it was time to change the milker. I walked to back barn door over  the meadow  and enjoy views of creek. The morning breeze carried the of lovely wildflowers and the smell of the creeks. I heard my dad call ” Elva, wash cows number 8,10, and 12.  I washed   the cows and walked back to my thinking spot. Then I ducked my head as another swallow swooped down close to me carrying in its  beak bits




Thoughts of a young girl